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Felix and Dr Jake on a Dinosaur Adventure at the Natural History Museum, London UK

the adventure begins

One day, Dr. Jake, President of InsightSTEM, was visiting his nephew Felix. As Jake was about to fly away on his next trip, Felix gave him one of his dinosaurs to take with him to share in his adventures around the world in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) exploration... and especially (as those are Felix's passions) everything about space and dinosaurs!

Now, on Felix's 4th Birthday, Dr Jake and Felix's Dinosaur are going to start sharing those adventures with all of the 3 - 6yr old "Dino Discoverers" around the world -- so that everyone can share in these explorations and in the excitement and passion of making new discoveries all the time. They will share their travels, so that you can learn about the world. News updates from science, especially for sharing with our young explorers. And experiments, explorations, and ideas that all of our Dino Discovering families can try together and home, out in the community, or even around the world!

Happy Liftoff Day - May 15th!

A bit about us...

I'm Dr Jake Noel-Storr... Dr Jake for short, and I've been helping people explore science, technology, engineering and mathematics for over 25 years now! I still really love space and dinosaurs -- and the kid inside me is always looking for new things to learn about them, and new experiements to try about everything in the world really. I really like to have ways that I can share my love of everything STEM with as many people as I can -- and I love the most getting young kids and their families involved in exploring and asking questions together so that more people will have a lifelong passion for STEM for the future of the planet that we all live on together!

Me and Felix's dino have already been having a lot of adventures together, so we have a lot to share with you that we have found around the world -- and some great ideas for you to try experimenting with too. Some things that we even have no idea about ourselves, so you can help us learn more too.

We hope that you will join us on our adventures around the world, and you can learn more about us and our interests -- and we can learn more about yours. Lets start discovering!

Dr. Jake & Felix's Dinosaur
May 15, 2018

Felix's Dino visiting the Astronomy Department at Columbia University in New York City...
..Where Dr Jake got his PhD!!

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The Wonderful World of Felix's Dinosaur is a project of InsightSTEM, an Arizona (USA) NonProfit Organization.

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