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 Hi there, I'm a Pachycephalosaurus from the late Cretaceous Era! I lived 66 million years ago, just before we dinosaurs died out 

 This is me! I am only about 8cm tall (so Dr Jake can carry me around). In real life I would have been 1.8m tall, about the same as Jake! 

 Like all dinosaurs (except birds) we find out everything about me from the fossils of my bones. This is what my skeleton looks like. I have been found in what you now call the USA in the states of Wyoming, South Dakota, and Montana. Do you see my thick skull bone on the top of my head? That is one of my coolest features! 

Dino Details:

How to say Pachycephalosaurus?

My favorite things:

Dinosaurs, Outer Space, and Science! And exploring the World!

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The Wonderful World of Felix's Dinosaur is a project of InsightSTEM, an Arizona (USA) NonProfit Organization.

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